Friday, May 12, 2006

Camping We Shall Go

Life is good.

This weekend is Mother's Day weekend and to help celebrate it my fiance flew my daughter in for the holiday. We are celebrating two occasions as this weekend we are also celebrating my youngest son's 15th birthday.

Having "Sis" home came as a total surprise to the birthday boy. He had gone to bed last night and was fast asleep before we got home and "Sis" had the pleasure and the great laugh of scaring the dickens out of him by launching herself on top of him while he snored. Fortunately, neither was hurt in the process, although arms and legs were flailing away accompanied by blood-curdling screams by both.

To celebrate we are going on a family camping trip, which is a much enjoyed activity by all of us. As we pack a bunch of memories into a few short days, I wish all my fellow mothers a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day.

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