Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Bigots And Bedfellows Of ACLU

Once more attempting to put the screws to the American government (namely the Bush administration) and those in the Military who were placed with the responsibility of interrogating prisoners during the early days of the Afghanistan and Iraqi invasion, the ACLU is providing the country with some insight as to just how bigoted they really are...

"When our leaders allow and even encourage abuse at the 'outer limits', America suffers," said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director. "A nation that works to bring freedom and liberty to other parts of the world shouldn't stomach brutality and inhumanity within its ranks. This abuse of power was engineered and accepted at the highest levels of our government.

How truly bigoted Anthony Romero THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR is to continue his crusade to condemn American soldiers for excessive acts of "brutality and inhumanity" after seeing not only their fellow Americans including women and children slaughtered on 9/11, but also fellow soldiers and Americans not JUST killed, but mutilated by beheading, and by being burned and dragged through streets to be hung like animal carcasses from bridge girders. Yes bigoted, because he, as the Executive Director for the ACLU, weighs in on every national headline making case that the state ACLU lawyers take on and this HIGH LEVEL OFFICER of the ACLU is now supporting the brutal and inhumane attack on dead soldiers families at the soldiers funerals by a crazy fanatic named Bart_McQueary, who describes himself as a "fag-hating born again Christian" in Kentucky. Mr. Romero and his fellow bigots are supporting McQueary in a challenge against Kentucky laws ruling that
"people gathered within 300 feet of a funeral or a memorial could be arrested for violating the law... The law also says that anyone who "sings, chants, whistles, shouts, yells or uses a bull horn" or distributes literature without the permission of a family member of the deceased or the person conducting the service could be charged with a misdemeanor and serve up to a year in jail."
An example of McQueary's queer ideas...
McQueary declared that he would picket during a military parade in Danville, Kentucky in remembrance of 9/11 in 2004. He proclaimed that he would trample the American flag under his feet and fly it upside down. When the chief of police informed him that he would be arrested under Kentucky's flag desecration law, McQueary contacted the ACLU who in turn threatened a lawsuit against the city. The protest occurred as planned with McQueary holding signs that read "Thank God for 9/11", "Fag Troops", "God Hates America" and "Wrath of God" the latter with a picture of the World Trade Center towers burning. Pursuant to his word he also trampled the flag. Two Danville police officers were ordered to protect him.
He not only is in bed with the ACLU, but is also a devoted bedfellow of Fred Phelps from Topeka, Kansas who has the distinct notoriety of being the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church who's anti-military, anti-homosexual protests at military funerals is what spawned the need for the legislation in Kentucky and many other states to attempt to stop what legislators would all probably agree is the brutal and inhumane treatment of the families of the soldiers that have been killed in service to our country.

The degree to which McQueary and Phelps enjoy their sadistic activities (reaching "the outer limits" of sanity) performed against military families can be best summarized as saying it is climatic for them. McQueary is a tool for the ACLU (Phelps won't have a thing to do with them - they like to handle gay issues too much) who is using his profound case of delusion to promote their own agenda, which is lining the pockets of the ACLU. McQueary is a patsy, and a very dumb one at that. And is being used by some of the worst bigots (Phelps and the ACLU) on the face of the earth.

It is time for a collective spit upon Mr. Romero and the ACLU, Bart (the queer) McQueary, and his "big-daddy" Fred Phelps. (May the PGR use them all for speed bumps).

Gee...that really doesn't sound like a fitting retribution for brutal and inhumane treatment to widows and orphans, does it?

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