Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vanity Is The Issue

In a single moment, Georgia Democratic Rep. McKinney has created her own legacy. She won't be remembered for her hard work in Congress to make our country better, instead she will be remembered for throwing the race card to cover her own vanity as displayed through her arrogance and stupidity. After being stopped by a Capitol Hill police officer for not properly identifying herself, she not only struck the officer, but had the audacity to say he had racially profiled her and groped her to boot.

Not only is this example of a prima-donna above all reproach (in her mind), when confronted with a situation where her judgment and reaction was already poor, she trumps it by adding (in her defense) the race issue AND insinuating that as a woman she was sexually assaulted. To further back up her claims that she was wronged, she now claims that the Capitol Hill police force should be able to readily identify all 535 members of Congress on sight (forget about the other 9 million or so people that pass by these officers in any given year). So to raise her level of intelligence and move her story closer to credibility, of course, it was the officer's fault.

Hers is a lonely battle of indignation. The Black Caucus is staying out of it, Democrats are mute, and the women of Congress are taking a powder break. This silence, on the part of her peers, is more condemning than any criminal charges she might face.

The lesson to be learned - race and being a woman are no longer an issue that can be used as a defense to cover for ones own shortcomings. Each of us are responsible for our own actions, and those actions alone are the key elements by which we will be judged by another.

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posted by Is It Just Me? at 6:11 AM