Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Fitting Punishment

(I haven't said a word about Moussaui until now. I finally have decided upon what I really have to say about the whole ordeal).

See the transition of Zacharias Moussaoui before our eyes. He goes from a clean shaven head with trimmed goatee to a tangled long beard with a cap. A FRIGGING CAP. In court. What has our legal and penal system come to? Disheveled looking is one thing (let the s.o.b. wear dirty underwear for all I care), but make the bastard take off his hat. TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM.

Obviously, the judge has never entertained punishment that ranks with "The Silence of the Lambs". But I have.

His "just rewards"...

First, take the hat away from him. Then put a muzzle on him. Then instead of killing him (which is what he really wants) place him in full body restraints, put a foley catheter in him to catch his urine, give him a colostomy to remove his b.m., hook him up to a feeding tube, and then place him on a tilt board in a completely open cage, and charge admission. Keep him muzzled and completely trapped, but aware of all the people that will pay to come see him until he dies. For additional revenue to help pay his cost of being imprisoned, let the people buy rotten fruit and vegetables to pelt him with.

That is my idea of a fitting punishment. They say he is crazy - so let him howl silently until that time eternity hands him his final justice.

Don't kill him - make an example of him beyond his wildest dreams.

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