Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Turkey In Turkey

ALI BULAC of Zaman Daily Newspaper (who prides itself for being the first Turkey paper on the net) is only one of many delusional individuals who believe in plots, twists, and intrigue. Ali writes in his column,
We now understand that what is happening in Iraq is not a sectarian conflict. The perpetrators of the attacks on the tombs of the 10th Imam Ali al-Hadi (829-868) and his son al-Hasan al-Askari (846-873) were not Sunnis.

No Sunni can attack the tombs of these two people, the descendants of the Prophet of Muhammad (PBUH). This point has been stressed by leading Sunni and Shiite leaders. Then, if this is the case how can we explain the incidents in Iraq? We may expect clashes to intensify in the upcoming days. From the beginning I have been of the opinion that the attack at issue was a joint operation by Saddam's partisans and the occupation forces. Later, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim blamed pro-Saddam militants for the attack. It may sound strange, but it is not impossible that the US and Saddam might have reached an agreement. If the US and Britain are planning to withdraw a significant number of their forces soon, maybe within a year, it will be a big problem to establish stability and balance.
That is the most twisted hypothesis coming out of the mosque bombing situation to date. Saddam and the US with the coalition forces WORKING TOGETHER to prevent Iran uniting Shites in Iraq to form a new regime. There's more.
Meanwhile, Saddam says he won'’t allow anyone to establish a central authority, he and his army which do not refrain from resorting to violence an terrorism when necessary, still hold the sway in Iraq. The attack on the tombs was a joint message by Saddam and the occupation forces to Iran and Shiites. This is the reason why the US is targeting Iran, not because Tehran allegedly is planning to produce nuclear weapons...
Well X-file writers move over. Ali has the story to top any thing you ever wrote. (And is just as believable, if you are susceptible to utter nonsense).
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