Friday, March 31, 2006

Test Yourself On This

While Iran is playing war games and bragging about how great their new Fajr-3 (Fajr means victory) radar avoiding missile is, the Pentagon announces that it is preparing to detonate the largest conventional bomb in a test in June. In the meantime, gas prices climb because oil-traders are in a quandary trying to decide whether Iran's continued refusal to submit to world pressure regarding their development of nuclear technology will lead to an oil shortage should Iran decide to hold oil sales hostage for UN nuclear approval.

All this testing has got to be testing people's patience. Including mine. What is even more of a test is curbing the ever rising irritation (bordering now on complete and total fury) when you throw in the mix Iran's now declared ability to become weapons master to any country willing to buy at their special war-mongering prices. A lot of good it did us to impose sanctions on Iran back in the 80's (but still buy their oil). Now they are bragging about how they took that situation and made lemonade of it. (Iranian lemonade doesn't have a drop of sugar in it, if you haven't noticed).

Any way you look at it, the world is sucking lemons because of Iran's declared jihad on mankind (they may not have formally announced it, but it's been in the works for a long time). It isn't just Israel they want annihilated - the visionaries of the jihad see producing and supplying weapons to anti-Western countries as a means to world domination.

Many times Hitler's dream for a 1000 year Aryan rule has been compared to the plotting going on by the Iranians. The long term goal is total world domination. Both involve(d) a fanatical presence fanning the flames of propaganda.

The biggest difference is that Hitler was one man (who had an uncanny ability as an orator to manipulate the mindset of multitudes), and regardless of the sect there is a multitude of Muslims who believe the day will come when the people of the world will all be followers of Allah (or dead). The day that Hitler died, the 1000 year Aryan rule died. There is no one person that could be terminated (pick your own word, if it doesn't suit you) in Iran that will stop the 1000 year rule of Allah.

Take that mega-bomb of the Pentagon's and drop it in the middle of Iran's Revolutionary Guards (who are out playing with the radar ditching missile now) and the march of Allah's army will not be stopped. Maybe, slowed down for a bit - but not stopped. There will always be another fanatic willing to give his life for the opportunity to become a martyr. Why? Because regardless of education, regardless of income, those practicing fanatics of the Muslim faith have a greater ability to incite the masses than Hitler did because their cause is based on their faith or a belief in a life beyond death. Hitler's appeal was to a limited gene pool, and lacked that promise for eternal bliss - even those caught up in his fantasy had only the dream of what their progeny would have under Aryan rule. How very different are the people of Allah's army who are blissfully embracing the horrors of self-destruction for their place in eternity.

This is not a war of race, of sect, of nation, or even religion - it is a war of personal belief systems versus lifestyles. And it has already started. Just as Hitler maneuvered quietly in the early days of his power to regain weapons superiority after the German loss in WWI, so it evidently is with Iran (and has been going on for twenty years). Is Iran ultimately going to lead the world? Probably not. But you should be concerned about the possibility of a fanatic Muslim being in control.

How much faith do you have in your personal belief system? Enough to die for? I ask this because there is no Western aligned country or leader who will promise you a reward of life after death in heaven for fighting against Allah's army. These governments and leaders can promise you a life free from living under severe censorship (a lifestyle) if you fight, but not eternal life. (Motivating the masses for them using this approach could be as unsuccessful as Hitler's was if you think about it). Is your personal conviction to your personal lifestyle strong enough to die for (and see your loved ones die), rather than accept a life based in doctrine steeped with severe censorship?

Like I said, test yourself on this. Picture yourself taking up a gun and facing off with someone determined to kill you since you don't believe the way he does. You've got two choices - lay down your gun and tell him "I believe" or take a chance that you are a better shot than he is. Has he got the edge on you because he isn't scared to die?

Now magnify that scenario by the masses. (Personally, based on how self-centered and into the moment that a large part of the world seems to be, I don't have a good feeling about the outcome).

Wouldn't this be so much easier, if there was only a God of lifestyles? If that were the case then our big bomb surely would be better than their sneaky bomb any day.

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