Saturday, March 04, 2006

Propagating Terrorism Via Satellite TV

Al-Jazeera Arab satellite network has once more released another Zawahiri videotape. This time al-Zawahiri denounces the Danish Mohammad Prophet cartoons. I guess he had to scramble to get it made and secreted via back allies and on donkey through the slums and the chaos of anti-Bush demonstrations to get it to Al-Jazeera before the "novelty" wore off.

Speaking of which... When is the US government going to declare Al-Jazeera an instrument for terrorism and do something about it? Don't we have the technology to blast satellites out of orbit? How about a CIA induced virus to their website? Why should we drop bombs on people when we could just shut off communications and let them be blind and deaf instead? Freedom of speech is one thing, but when known terrorists use a telecommunications network to foment terrorism that is called sleeping with the enemy.

Maybe we should just buy them out. Ted Turner is looking for something to do these days.

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posted by Is It Just Me? at 2:24 PM