Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brush Fires Rage So Let's Blame Bush

Oklahoma is burning up. Literally. It's got to be somebody's fault. So let's blame Bush.

He has had the National Weather Advisory advising him for months now that Oklahoma is in an extreme state of drought and that the unseasonable high temperatures are creating high winds which will fan the fires. Bush should be doing something. He should have already done something. He KNEW this would happen. He has KNOWN all along.

We need rescuing here. We've had months of warning, but we aren't capable of dealing with this ourselves. Bush should be bringing FEMA in and relocating everyone in this state to the recently vacated cruise ships that the Katrina people got to stay in. (We need a vacation from dealing with our reality here). He should be authorizing the US Airforce to perform cloud seeding to make it rain here. (What difference does it make that this doesn't work? It's the thought that counts). He should exercise his authority and activate the Oklahoma National Guard and order them to shoot anyone with a lit cigarette on sight. (Got to protect us from ourselves ya know).

Oklahoma has approximately 2000 square miles which amounts to a total of around 1,280,000 acres. Current estimates put the total amount of acres burned since last fall at around 500,000. Do the math. We are running out of space here. (Is the Mile High Stadium available?) We haven't even got water enough to fight the fires with. (We are in a drought remember?). Where are the tanker trucks of water we need? (Hell, send us bottled - we'll just lob them on the fires).

Once Jerry Falwell announces that this is our punishment from God for voting in gambling here, President Bush - you will have to live with that. (If your domestic policies were better, we wouldn't need to gamble).

Forget national security and foreign policy. President Bush get home now - vacationing in countries with major attitude problems isn't going to save us Oklahomans.

Thanks to Don Surber and Conservative Cat for helping to fan the flames of blame.

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