Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Noose Is Tightening

More unrest in Pakistan over the Mohammad cartoons. With Western based businesses targeted by the demonstrators destruction, the Muslims of Pakistan are sending the wrong message to the world.

They say they are demonstrating because it is against their religions laws for depictions of Mohammad to be created. This is not what they are taught - they are taught that no depiction of Mohammad be made lest it lead to idolatry. Depicting a cartoon political image that is shown in a less than flattering way is not conducive to creating an image to be paid homage to. This is merely an excuse for Muslims to attack the West and Western belief systems that differ from theirs. It is also a prime way to continue on the work of the Taliban and al-Queda. The demonstrators are dupes in the hands of professional propagandists that practice mind control such as the Imams of the Taliban and the officers of al-Queda.

Pakistan leaders must lead. Afghanistan's President Karzai in meeting with Pakistani President Musharraf, pointed out that by enabling the terrorists (see this post) who are crossing the Pakistan border into Afghanistan to commit suicide bombings, etc., Pakistan was crippling the ability of Afghanistan to become a stable country in its own right. Which in turn will destabilize both countries in the long run.

Unfortunately, Musharraf is not in a position to lead. He has not exercised any military authority in outlawing and taking into custody terrorists leaders in the Waziristan region who are the primary threat to stability in Afghanistan. Musharraf is not stopping the demonstrations in his own country over the cartoon lunacy. He is weak, very weak as a leader and this is becoming more obvious daily as incident upon incident of violence occurs which he does not stop.

At a time when he had to make a choice between becoming an ally to the West and fighting the terrorists or to embrace terrorism by openly embracing the Taliban, Musharraf chose sides with the US and the Western coalition. It is becoming apparent that he also has made a deal under the table with the Taliban. Karzai may be about to call his bluff by giving him a list of those Taliban wanted there and pushing him to act by delivering those wanted to Afghanistan. The noose is definately tightening around Musharraf's neck though - he will either have to face the wraith of the Western coalition supporting Karzai or he will have to face the unforgiving and deadly Taliban.

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