Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ministers of Misinformation

Remember former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz? He was called - laughingly by the world - the Minister of Misinformation during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Even while Baghdad burned and entire battalions of Iraqi forces abandoned their tanks and weapons to run and hide he maintained (via Iraqi state run television) that Saddam was in control and their army was winning.

We have another Minister of Misinformation now that is getting a lot of media attention. Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki of Iran is now leading a propaganda campaign to soften the rhetoric of the brash and outspoken Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mottaki's job is not an easy one. For each inflammatory statement that Ahmadinejad makes, Mottaki is quick to downplay the threats behind the statements of his President.

Who should we believe? Believe Ahmadinejad. He leads and the radical majority will follow. Mottaki's position is to maintain Iranian foreign political ties (and to stall for time). Ahmadinejad is not encumbered by political ties - he deems his leadership as one of a religious nature that will lead his fellow believers to world domination - his objective is to deliver that world dominance as quickly as possible. He has and will continue to march the country of Iran into war, while his Minister of Misinformation Mottaki spoonfeeds honey-coated lies to the world to give Iran the time to deliver Ahmadinejad's threats.

Mottaki speaks and Putin listens. Russia's Putin is buying those lies and is providing Iran the time to arm by stalling action of the UN against Iran. Putin is more concerned with attempting to bring Russia back to world dominance in Middle East mediation, than with the growing threat of nuclear armament by Iran. As Putin struggles to negotiate with a non-negotiable leader, Ahmadinejad is at work to give Iran nuclear weapons. Attempting to make the pot offered to Ahmadinejad sweeter, Putin is now undertaking the impossible of negotiating with Hamas (the pet project of Iran in its' plan of Israeli annihilation). Putin will have no more luck getting Hamas to recognize Israel as a state, than he will have in getting Ahmadinejad to drop his plan to arm Iran with nuclear weapons. While Putin postures Iran will arm not only itself, but also Hamas.

Which is no laughing matter.

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