Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How To Infuriate Muslims

Tell them they can't play with grownup toys, cut off their allowance and poke fun at their leader. Any of these seem to be sure fire ways to tick them off. Between Iran, Palestine, and those Muslims really bent about the Denmark cartoons that now Germany and French papers are reprinting for "free discussion", if there are any Muslims left in the Middle East and Europe that aren't majorly pissed they probably can be counted on two hands.

These people have no sense of humor and believe that divine right creates a unique code of ethics and rules that separates them from the rest of humanity. Meaning they can dish it out, but aren't able to take it when it gets served back. Will the first strike in anger come from a crappy cartoon, or from Hamas not getting an allowance, or from Iran who thinks that they are beyond world opinion? It is anybody's guess. Based on the inability of the Muslims to keep their emotions in check (which is a very childish characteristic), it's not if it happens, but rather who will start a military action and how soon.

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posted by Is It Just Me? at 6:46 PM