Saturday, February 11, 2006

Headless Wonders

(Pondering the headless wonders of our time).

Like the voodoo priestess from Florida who didn't know it was illegal to bring a decomposing skull into the US through customs without "proper documentation". Her lucky skull, meant to ward off evil spirits, did not protect her from the confiscation of it and possible jail time.

After all the bad publicity that the US Customs gets, I guess this story means the Customs Service does not fall into the category of evil spirits. What a relief for us all - no more wondering anymore - they are the good guys.

Another wonder for us all is the acts of violence that have been perpetrated by Muslims in response to a cartoon. Do these people not see the irony in this? Despite howling that theirs is not a violent religion, they are enacting the very meaning of the cartoon. These actions have left no doubt in world opinion of what the "real face" of Mohammad looks like. No worse depiction of him could be rendered by any hand, in any medium.

Ponder this - two different religions that are linked by the act of beheading. It would seem that these two religions could co-exist happily together in the world of supply and demand. So where would that leave the other religions of the world? Wonder about that would you.

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