Sunday, January 29, 2006

WSF Meets - Duh Bombs?

The world's largest lot of whiners has formed to pollute the air with whining at an international level... The group is comprised of a used up mother, jealous small and poor countries, environmentalists (those PETA types who are pissed off that the US government won't underwrite their studies in stupidity), native rights defenders (who drive Cadillacs, fly internationally on dividends from gambling operations, and live on tax free reservations), and human rights activists (who would rather have their throats slashed in their own beds than admit that bully Bush might be keeping this from happening).

If you can stand it, read it...
The World Social Forum, formed on 24 January as an alternative for the World Economic Forum in Davos, continues to work in Caracas, Venezuelan capital.

The organization of two thousand activities, such as seminars, speeches, concerts and fairs, are expected to take place in the forum named as “the world’s largest anti-globalization action”. The common title for the forum joined by free market opponents, environmentalists, native rights defenders, and human rights activists is “opposition to the USA policies”. In her speech in the Forum, US peace activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, said American troops should immediately withdraw from Iraq,. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in his speech addressed ten thousands of people in the World Social Forum, described George Bush as “the world’s biggest terrorist” and his government as “an immoral empire”. Chavez said: Mr. Danger talks about human rights but people are tortured in Guantanamo and the CIA opens detention centers almost everywhere in the world”.

“A kiss for you, brave woman,” Mr. Chavez said as he introduced Ms. Sheehan, “the mother of peace”, and thanked her for leading the campaigns against the USA. The first Social Forum occurred in 2001 in Brazil and now it is organized as an alternative for the “simultaneous” World Economic Forum. Another group, believing they are not represented sufficiently, organized the “Alternative Social Forum”. These hundreds of activists describing themselves as “liberal minded leftists, communists, and anarchists” declare they deviate from the liberal leftist roots of the main Forum and claim Hugo Chavez has turned into a means for propaganda.

I hope Chavez keeps them.

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