Monday, January 30, 2006

An Unholy Union

How do leaders such as Iran and Venezuela sport see themselves in the grand scheme of things when compared to others on the same playing field? As superior to the rest of mankind either through religion or by political mantra (which may very well be a religion to Chavez). Iran is not even listed in the 2006 Index of Economic Freedom published by The Heritage Foundation because of it's suppressive laws. According to this index, Venezuela has been in decline since Chavez came to power. His ideology has placed him at odds with the rest of the free trade world.

Portraying themselves as David's facing down a world of Goliath's, the two countries have managed to distance themselves politically from world opinion through the questionable reasoning of their leaders. Each leader has been drawn to the other because of their belief that the world is wrong and they are right. Politically, the two countries could not be farther apart. These two countries should be (at the very least) profoundly suspicious of the others motives based on religious doctrine alone. Hate has created strange bedfellows in this case. The leaders share the same desire to bring Western democracy and capitalism to it's knees. Both leaders blame the West for their economic decline and suppression as world powers. Both leaders are actively building their military power and see nuclear technology as way to bring their countries to their "rightful" place as world powers.

Iran's leader has irrationally decided that the Holocaust never happened, that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth (or at least relocated in whole to a sponsoring European country), and that Iran should be able to develop nuclear technology without interference from other countries concerned about the sanity of this same leader. Iran's President blames England and the US for having planned the recent bombing attacks against him. Equally as paranoid is Chavez from Venezuela, who has accused the US of trying to remove him from power. Recently, he has accused the US embassy located there of having received intelligence information from members of his military. Both leaders blame outside influence for the reasons behind these inside attempts to undermine them, rather than face the possibility that the views they have are unacceptable to those they lead.

So an unholy union has been formed by the two countries through pacts made by them to provide technology and services to each other to further their agendas. For all intents and purposes, Venezuela appears to be the recipient of the better end of the deal. But they are making a pact with the devil himself. If they think that after Iran provides Venezuela with the technology to build ships, help arm themselves, and to further their socialist program through technology and financial aide (like the support Hamas has received) that they will not be called upon to repay that debt they are sadly mistaken. Venezuela will pay dearly for their association with Iran.

If these leaders remain in power and unchecked, look for new attacks made by extremists that will come from the south, who (like Hamas) will perpetrate acts of violence, kidnappings, and sabotage. We are already seeing these two countries attempt to manipulate the oil market in exchange for the freedom to build up their military forces and technology. Look for Iran to do everything in its power to provoke military action (against a non-muslim country they have deemed to be their ally and expendable - Venezuela it is time to wake up) and then will call upon the Muslims of the world to help them fight the non-believers.

The US is coming under attack by two completely different politically and ideologically motivated leaders of the world, who through aspirations of power have created an alliance the likes that has not been seen since the days of Hitler. Venezuela, under the leadership of Chavez, has become the manipulated pawn of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just as Hitler manipulated Italy's Mussolini. Mussolini mistakenly "thought" he had a leg up on Hitler - Chavez is a fool, like Mussolini, to underestimate the manipulative abilities of Ahmadinejad and the religious extremists of Iran who have had years to plot their course to world domination. Ahmadinejad cares no more about the welfare of Venezuela, then Hitler did Italy. Ahmadinajad is preparing for the world domination of Islam. He is an extremist of Islam and believes that the Koran says the world must be "cleansed of non-believers". Ahmadinajad is determined to make this happen, even if it means that he must tolerate non-believers such as Chavez in order to do so. Hitler too, suffered a lot of non-Arian fools while manuevering himself into a position to bring the Arian nation to power.

History will repeat itself, if the eyes of the world remain averted.

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