Thursday, January 05, 2006

This ACLU Banner Is Deceptive

So now the ACLU is promoting itself as a champion of both safety for our citizens and of freedom. What a joke! When 9-11 occurred what measures did the ACLU take to ensure our safety? None, zip, nada. This organization has done nothing to ensure our safety, in fact it has chosen to sue our government on behalf of terrorists outside of their legal jurisdiction while they were located in prisons on foreign soil.

They have since then demanded that the government release and make public top secret security information regarding not only the activities of our military, but also that of our intelligence forces. They have also initiated one lawsuit after another against the government to stop the searching of individuals for security purposes in mass transit situations, to stop what they call profiling (we will never see a Protestant white middle-aged woman as a terrorist working with an extremist Islamic organization) by race, sex and religion, and to stop the government from detaining and questioning or interrogating individuals who have ties or contact with known terrorist individuals and organizations.

They want to kill the Patriot Act because they see the rights of an individual who may or may not be an American citizen as more important than the safety of the nation at large. They want the borders open because they see that as an infringement of the rights of non-Americans to become Americans however they can manage it. They want to have military and intelligence sources, activities, and planning revealed to the public so they can "watch dog" and ensure freedoms of individuals and/or groups are not being compromised, but in doing so will enable those very individuals and/or groups under surveillance the ability to avoid surveillance and possible capture before they do something destructive to American citizens.

They say they are for a safe and free America. Yet their actions speak very loudly the opposite of the lip service they give in this banner for a safe America. As to a free America, how free are American's who live under constant threat of a lawsuit by the ACLU for imagined Constitutional transgressions by a small group of jaded individuals who think their rights are more important than the communities they live in or the country they obviously find such fault with?

How free are law-abiding, tax-paying Americans that are constantly overburdened by the debt incurred to defend themselves from lawsuits launched by the ACLU that are aimed at giving illegal aliens the same rights and privileges as the people who's land they are illegally in? Name me one business, one school district, one community, one county, or one state that hasn't conformed to "politically correct" standards even though their personal beliefs are far from these standards out of fear of a lawsuit from the ACLU. How many minority deadbeats are sucking clock, because their bosses are afraid they'll be sued if they fire them, in a lawsuit based on discrimination by the ACLU? How many were hired even though they weren't qualified out of fear of a similar lawsuit? How free is living like that?

What freedom will we American's enjoy should the ACLU accomplish their goals of placing puppets in the government who don't make a decision without ACLU approval first? How safe would we be?

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