Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Russia's New World Role

Russia is involved in high level negotiations with two potential nuclear threats to the world. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is on the move to a meeting in Russia, having spent at least one night in China. It is hoped that between the negotiating skills of both China and Russia they will be able to convince North Korea to stand down on their threats to pursue nuclear enrichment.

Russia also has been working with Iran in attempts to keep their nuclear enrichment program under caps. The Russian negotiating skills will need to be sharpened to deal with Iran's blatant attempt to further their enrichment program at risk of coming under military attack from those allies fearing that Iran would use the enrichment not for electricity, but rather for nuclear weapons. Russia has expressed concern over this step in Iran and the worlds future.

Not so long ago the world was concerned with Russia's nuclear program and their image as being unstable and a renegade loose canon working against world peace. I hope that there isn't an ulterior motive for Russia's attempts to negotiate with both Iran and North Korea, but because no country ever does anything without one, the best we can hope for is that the allies have sweetened the pot for Russia to come forward on everyone's behalf. A country with a blackheart image may be the best choice to negotiate with these countries that see themselves as the newest bad boy on the block.

May Russia be able to pull this off without a world war coming from it. What better way for a warrior to win angels wings?

posted by Is It Just Me? at 6:25 PM