Sunday, January 08, 2006

Armament From A Mother's Perspective

It is being "discussed" that a revision in armament would either be an aid or a further detriment to our soldiers ability to do what they are trained to do - fight as a soldier. Personally, from a mother's standpoint after listening to my son during his year located at Fallujah, I feel that enhancement of personal armament as we know it now is not going to save anyone's life. Why? Two reasons. First, most soldiers "elect" what they will wear (don't kid yourself on this - what they are told they should and what they do are often two different things), and secondly, most soldiers will tell you straight up when their time is up, it is up, regardless if they had armament from head to foot.

We are not an ill equipped military force. We are a well bitched about military force. Who is doing the bitching? The anti-war crew. To support their views this group decries our war effort from every angle, using the point of view that even in what protection we have for our soldiers it is not enough. We are the best supplied fighting force on the face of the world undoubtedly. But the naysayers say otherwise.

The effect is that in this war in Iraq we are left with soldiers that are not so much concerned with the effectiveness of their armament (which is a tangible item that can be measured by size or weight), but rather they see their effectiveness as being one measured by the sentiment and heart and soul behind their being there.

Do they need more armament? I say - NO - what they do need is our support.

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