Wednesday, December 28, 2005

They Kidnapped The Wrong Person

A British human rights activist was kidnapped with her parents at gunpoint in Palestine. Her reason to be in Palestine was to help promote the welfare of Palestinian people under threat from border wars with Israel.

Someone should have told these people whose side she was on before they grabbed her. To make matters worse, immediately after snatching her they began negotiations for ransom with the Palestinian government. England has a policy that they will not pay ransoms. It will be interesting to see if the kidnappers set her free with an apology, or if the ransom will be paid by the Al Mezan Center which operates the human rights organization in Palestine she was working with or possibly a sympathetic private entity.

It is quite ironic that a human rights activist should suffer those same oppressive measures, such as threats of violence and being held a captive without reason, that she herself has been actively fighting against. It doesn't say much for the Palestinian government either, who have had a rash of such kidnappings occur with negotiated releases since securing the possession of the Gaza strip where all the kidnappings have occurred. As the Palestine government has it's hand stretched out for financial aid from the UN not putting an end to the kidnapping will not go in their favor.

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