Monday, November 21, 2005

Women Suicide Bombers - Pawns Of War

The Washington Post is reporting today,
U.S. officials said Monday that they do not believe Abu Musab Zarqawi, the Jordanian insurgent leader, was among those killed in a gunfight in northern Iraq Sunday.

"I do not believe that we got him," said Zelmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. "But his days are numbered. We're closer to that goal but unfortunately we didn't get him in Mosul."
We may not have gotten him, but the military is making process in the effort to neutralize the insurgent cells working in Iraq. In this particular gunfight a womans body was found amongst the dead with
the words "suicide bomber" marked on her chest, officials said.
Detractors to the war on terrorism say that our presence in the region is creating a breeding ground for terrorism. I wonder about that theory. More likely the number of willing suicide bombers is dwindling and that is why women are being induced to take on the role.

In Jordan recently, a woman suicide bomber was unsuccessful in detonating the belt she wore and watched as her husband blew himself up along with numerous attendees at a wedding banquet. In her televised confession the woman did not appear to be well informed of the plans, nor did she appear to be motivated. Her testimony was given in a flat impersonal manner. No political or religious rhetoric to indicate her level of inspiration was seen. She appeared at a loss to know what to say or do "after the fact".

Her grooming as a suicide bomber was with the idea that her part in the plan would be successful without any apparent instruction given if she failed. She was left to her own devices with no escape route by those who planned and placed her in the situation. Which made her surrender to Jordanian authorities incredibly likely. Women of the region do not wander about by their selves, they look to the men of their families to arrange their lives for them. She had no choice left but to surrender, because she lived in a world where women are dictated to by men. The Iraqi wife who made the trip to Jordan had long ago surrendered her life to subservience and obviously had resigned herself to continue that role to her death.

I suspect the woman found after the fight in Mosul was just as subservient to her man. Did this woman killed in the Mosul fight place the words on her own chest? Not likely. Taking into consideration the emphasis of modesty that these radical believers have the only person who could see this womans chest was her husband or another woman. Since she was the only woman found in the house, it is likely that she was acting under the influence of her husband.

(UPDATE: The LA Times reports the following regarding the woman,
She had written a note pinned to her dress, saying in Arabic that she was istishhadia, a seeker of martyrdom, the police brigadier said.
This source elaborates upon "the message". It also is in in line with the practices of the region of religious modesty and a means of communicating the reason for the womans presence in the building. Regardless of how the message was given, the result is pathetically the same. The odds that the woman was there by her own convictions and of her own free will are dismally poor.)

Of course as the investigation continues the identities will be determined and so will the relationship of the woman to the men with whom she was found. But I really doubt I am wrong on this theory. I doubt too, that I am wrong in my theory that the numbers are dwindling and that is why the wives are being used as pawns in this war.

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