Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What Happened To Those "Can't Wait" People?

GASP!! Nov. 2nd has passed and the Bush "Regime" is still here! What happened to the "World Can't Wait" massive rallies that they declared would topple the President? Outside of a few cities (of course the LIBERAL ones) the rest of the world appears to be able to wait, unlike the few who choose to buy into this propaganda. Since the big day (Nov. 2nd) has basically all but come and passed their website now reflects the following declaration:
November 2nd Statement

We are serving notice today that George W. Bush MUST STEP DOWN, GET OUT AND TAKE HIS PROGRAM WITH HIM! And we are further serving notice that this January we intend to make this demand resound throughout the country.

We remember how Bush used his State of the Union in 2003 to make his lying case for the war against Iraq. We know that he will want to use it this year to lay out his plans for another year of his literally horrific agenda and set the political terms for the whole country.

But imagine this:

a movement spreading in the next two months that demands that . . . BUSH STEP DOWN.

A movement growing, getting more organized, reaching deeper into the country and reverberating around the world with the simple phrase that . . . BUSH STEP DOWN.

A movement that, as Bush steps to the podium, politically drowns out his address with the simple demand that . . . BUSH STEP DOWN.

And on the day and night of the State of the Union even more thousands and tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands in the streets demanding that . . . BUSH STEP DOWN.

We’ll be saying step down and take your program with you. That’s right – take your whole program with you. And we’ll be chanting:





This is our next step – a concrete demand, beginning now, that Bush step down and, in particular, major demonstrations at the time of the State of the Union. We don’t intend to fail. Our actions today, and especially the tremendous buildup of the last two weeks as we came from way behind to make this incredible day happen, show that there is every basis to go forward and to win.

But we must realize the basis through work and through struggle and through every person here – every person – themselves becoming an organizer. Not just writing the State of the Union down in your datebook, but getting plugged into the local committee or the website and doing everything you can to spread the word. Taking what we have and growing this movement, getting more organized, stronger and more determined and actually driving out this horrible regime and changing the whole direction of society.

GRRR...Now they've told us (but what?). It appears that they haven't exactly thought this act of purging through. For instance, OK they get Bush to step down, so what do they think Cheney will be like?? Or, as the notorious deliverer of idiotic anti-war drivel Cindy Sheehan was quoted as saying at one of their rallies (San Fransciso, where else?)
"There's more than right and left in this country. It's right and wrong, flesh and blood," Sheehan said. "If we allow them to continue, more of our precious flesh and blood will be taken from the country."
Good one Cindy, real leadership there. Who is leading the country really? It sure isn't extremists either right or left, regardless of what you preach. Additionally, pulling out without some real "plan" will just continue the loss of life - but think again, if you think it won't happen here in this country.

The terrorists have got to love these people. "To the death" they cry. And the terrorists jump up and down in glee and think, "Isn't America beautiful? They will put their own heads on a platter for us". These people say they can't wait, but having no solid answers for "who" it is they can't wait for to be in power, maybe that is why they haven't sold the masses on this concept. After all, they may be waiting for their own modern day "Lenin" to emerge for all we know. For the rest of us, until God, Allah, Buddha or whatever deity descends from the heavens I would bet that we can wait with what we've got after 200 years as a democracy and be happier for it.

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