Monday, November 28, 2005

Up Is Down At TTLB

Early this morning a silent scream in the echosphere occurred - did you hear it?

11/28/05 Early AM
Ecosystem maintenance is currently in progress. Do not be alarmed. Breathe deeply. Don't panic!

Who's at the top?

Higher Beings
1.Creative Conviction (144) details
2.The Senescent Man (139) details
3.Come On, Get Lively (138) details
4.Believer Blog (132) details
5.chastity reVisited (132) details
6.WI Catholic Musings (129) details
7.Shadow of the Hegemon (126) details
8.No War Blog (126) details
9. (126) details
10.Catholics for Democracy | Revive your faith. Renew our democracy. (124) details

(Those that don't have sitemeter are... So much for traffic counting.)

To give you an idea of how upside down the TTLB is right now...

Michelle Malkin
Inbound Unique: 3641 Current Status: Adorable Little Rodent
Average Daily Visits: 85290 Current Rank: #2033

Daily Kos: State of the Nation
Inbound Unique: 3273 Current Status: Flappy Bird
Average Daily Visits: 553666 Current Rank: #3593

Inbound Unique: 4900 Current Status: Marauding Marsupial
Average Daily Visits: 126425 Current Rank: #934

I only am up cause I had a bad dream... little did I know that I would witness a nightmare in the process while awake.

To keep in the theme of upside down - I will finish off this post a little backwards. Wonder how much that'll screw with the TTLB filters...

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