Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Per TTLB - Open Trackback's Are Un-Bearable

When you haven't got anything else to fight about - fight about numbers. The TTLB system has declared that these open trackback posts will not count in their ranking system anymore - basically declaring that hosting open trackbacks are nothing but a spam approach to manipulating the system.

Don Surber has his take on it. Per Don, trackback etiquette has changed to allow for the new TTLB rules. When you link and trackback the hosting site will need to create a link within the post you trackbacked to, to give you credit. More work for the host. But I guess any good host should give his/her guests the honor they are due. Just what the world needs - more social graces, right?

While you are looking for ways to bring up your readership, check out this. Basil (the brain behind Blogger users ability to have open trackbacks) has created a new site that spits on the elite group at OSM, calling for those of less notable blogging status to open posting for the price of registering (free). (Kind of the ultimate post party central).

For TTLB the dilemma as to what to do with these damn open trackback parties continues. You link, they link, everybody links - how totally un-bearable...

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