Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mean Jean - She's My Kind Of Lady

The New York Times - WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 - She grew up in the rough-and-tumble of a family auto racing business, went through concealed-weapons training, and bears a local nickname seldom applied to shrinking violets: "Mean Jean."

So when Representative Jean Schmidt, an Ohio Republican, created a furor on her 75th day in Congress by lobbing the word "coward" toward a Democratic war hero, those who know her best were anything but surprised.
Unfortunately, this junior member of Congress who hasn't had even 100 days of experience drew immediate wrath from both Democrats and at least one Marine, who called to inform her that "cowards cut and run, Marines never do". Overwhelmed with the onslaught, Rep. Schmidt asked that her words be stricken from the record. Too late though, for this is already history through the records of the media and bloggers who through live-blogging the media event on CSPAN caught her words and transcribed them (some gleefully) for posterity.

Hurrah! A furious female that isn't a Democrat - at last.

"Don't retract or retreat" should be Rep. Schmidt's motto. It is refreshing to see someone quit the social graces dance in Congress and say what is really on their minds. Local radio talk show listeners back in her home state appear to agree with me according to Chris Finney, a Cincinnati Republican allied with Ms. Schmidt's local rivals who was quoted in the Times as saying, "I was listening to talk radio today and people were calling in and praising her".

She should be praised. So what, she stepped on toes? After all stepping on toes happens all the times when you dance, especially if it is a new step you are learning. I really hope she continues on in her "Mean Jean" mode and doesn't become a shrinking violet like so many of her fellow Congressmen, who bend in the presence of a whisper and are completely blown away in a storm.

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