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Living Documents Or Political Perversions?

The US Constitution is constantly referred to as a "living" document or a document that changes to meet the needs of the people, as the needs of the people change. Interestingly enough, a scholar of the Koran has voiced the same opinion of Mohammed's teachings. Dr. T.B.Irving said in his preface explaining his work translating the Arabic version of the Koran to English,
"The Quran could be considered untranslatable, because each time one returns to the Arabic text, he finds new meanings and fresh ways of interpreting it. It is a living document." (emphasis mine)

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, in February of 2001, made the following observation of the US Constitution at a conference at Princeton,
"that supporters of the "living Constitution" view, allowing for flexible interpretations molded to meet the changing times, really wanted "rigidity."

"They want the whole country to do it their way from coast to coast. They want to drive one issue after another off the stage of political debate
Every time you insert into the Constitution - by speculation - new rights that aren't really there you are impoverishing democracy. You are pushing one issue after another off the democratic stage."(emphasis mine)
In other words, the Constitution when viewed as a "living document" becomes the political perversion tool to undo democracy in our country. A tool, which the ACLU and liberals use to promote civil liberties from a socialistic (not democratic) point of view (..."They want the whole country to do it their way from coast to coast. They want to drive one issue after another off the stage of political debate..."). An extreme perversion politically for the country - when viewed from the standpoint that through this "living document" approach of the Constitution - terrorists from foreign countries are given rights with priority over those citizens of our own country who they are killing.

Terrorism promoted through politically perverted interpretations of a "living document" is not limited to the Constitution, as an equally perverted interpretation of the Koran can be seen as a call to arms for those whose social and political agenda calls for a justification for their actions.

Dr. T.B.Irving said of a particularly questionable (and politically inflammatory) translation of the Koran,
"... translations by Muslims are not always acceptable. Muhammad Ali's is clear but his commentary and at times the English text can be affected by his sectarian tendency."
So which translation of the Koran are the Muslim youths in France reading this day? The secular version like that written by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali Ph.D. & Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan and is illustrated here, "1.7. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians).", or the same line interpreted by Dr. Irving which reads, "Guide us along the Straight Road, the road of those whom You have favored, with whom You are not angry, nor who are lost!" Based on scenes of the rioting coming from France, it would appear that the Muslim youth are reading the former, rather than the latter interpretation. Political or social agendas can create situations in which religion or secular laws are perverted to suit the needs of those persuing their own agendas. In France, according to a report in the TWS,
"Matters have reached the point where some young "Gauloises" have testified that, in a kind of inverse assimilation process, they converted to Islam to escape harassment by Muslim thugs."
A recent story run by the TWS voiced concern over the distribution of the secularized interpretation of the Koran in universities and prisons. In that piece, the author suggested this version be removed by the government due to it's politically motivated agenda. Of course, this will not happen without a fight over the interpretation of the other "living document", the Constitution, in which those who liberally and politically interpret this document, will become through their own single-mindedness, the unwitting accomplices to the perversion of it when their "living document" becomes a tool for those dealing death and destruction under the laws of their own politically perverted "living document", the Koran.

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