Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Work, Work, and Now Sleep...

There is no place like home...

I've only been away since Sept. 27th living in my second home due to my work schedule as a nurse in a long term acute care facility. Since then, on my best hours scheduled I worked 3 twelve hour shifts in a row with a day and a half off in between. For the last three weeks one shift per week has been a sixteen hour shift. I am too pooped to party to say the least. These old bones are moving in slooowww motion at best. (I stopped at the grocery on the way here and actually strolled through it!).

Thanks to all who have been coming back to check in on me. Sorry, that I haven't provided you with more entertainment lately - although I've got a computer at both places it is hard to get motivated to spit in the eye of detractors when you are up to your eyeballs in other body fluids (enough said about that) for twelve hours at a time.

Yesterday was a sixteen hour shift, so today I am brain dead - but at least I am home. (I apologize to any drivers who were in my path on the way here). I am off work until the first of the week, so I hope to catch up with the blogosphere buzz, tick off the liberals, and do some laundry on the side during my down time.

But for now... I am gonna sleep.

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