Thursday, October 13, 2005

When Children Kill

Amnesty International is in the news for criticizing the US for the number of "children" who have been convicted of heineous crimes and are behind bars without possibility of parole. By their estimate over 2000 youth offenders languish behind bars for the crimes that they have committed. They think this is wrong. They are wrong. Dead wrong.

If we, as a society, are guilty of anything it is for being too lenient in the cases of our young offenders. How can I justify saying that? Easily. Read about one case in which the system failed to incarcerate a teen murderer for life and the tragic results that mistake caused. This comes from the King of Whodunit, the man who walks "The Dark Side", someone who weighs a case by it's merits and does not judge guilty until it is proven so.

Looking over your shoulder may be useful in hindsight analysis when it comes to should have, could have, would have. When reading The Dark Side, looking over your shoulder takes on a whole new meaning...

(Steve should have a disclaimer on the site that says, "Best viewing done with the lights on and the doors locked...")

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