Monday, October 17, 2005

Show Me State is Shown Theirs

In the case of the Missouri inmate seeking the state to facilitate her abortion, the Supreme Court has overturned the laws of the state which were enacted to prevent state funds to be used to accomodate abortions by inmates. Missouri state officials attempted to deny the woman's request and was taken to a lower court by the ACLU who represented the woman. In the initial hearing the lower court judge ruled in favor of the inmate, which led to an emergency request of a ruling from the Supreme Court by Missouri's Attorney General's office to decide the matter.

What can be learned from this is - so much for personal accountability, so much for the ability of a state to determine themselves what is right for its' own people. This ruling dictates by federal law a state sanctioned murder of an innocent. What an irony for the state of Missouri, that uses lethal injection as the means to carry out a prisoner's death penalty, to have its' laws terminated by an equally lethal injection by the federal court.

Read what others are saying on this ruling at Stop the ACLU.

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