Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Political Sellout To Islam - A Koran In The White House

Ramadan Mubarak was celebrated Oct. 17, 2005 at the White House. Pres. Bush in his speech to his dinner guests said,
Our distinguished guests represent the millions of Muslims that we're proud to call Americans, and many Islamic nations are represented here that America is proud to call friend. We welcome the representatives from many countries with large Muslim populations. I want to thank you all for coming to celebrate an honored tradition of the Muslim faith, and wish you a, "Ramadan Mubarak."
President Bush continues,
America is fortunate to count such good-hearted men and women among our fellow citizens. We have great respect for the commitment that all Muslims make to faith, family, and education. And Americans of many backgrounds seek to learn more about the rich tradition of Islam. To promote greater understanding between our cultures, I have encouraged American families to travel abroad, to visit with Muslim families. And I have encouraged American families to host exchange students from the Muslim world. I have asked young Americans to study the language and customs of the broader Middle East. And for the first time in our nation's history, we have added a Koran to the White House Library.
This comes from the leader of our country, a call to all of our people to embrace those who follow the Koran, to learn about their "rich tradition", to give them shelter in our homes - all while our sons and daughters fight in a dust covered country in extreme conditions those who would kill all of us, for the writings of this very book, the Koran, which now sits in our White House library. I hope it is in the humor section, although I am damned if I can find anything humorous about the entire speech and the political ramifications it will have.

I am not happy to be told by the leader of our country to embrace anyone that follows the teachings of the Koran, not after we have sacrificed so many of our own people because of the fanatics followers of that very book. Political correctness will be the end of this country. It will surely be the end of politics - how can anyone fight for our country and then be told to embrace the enemy? How can any Republican who believes in GOD, not Allah, justify embracing this rhetoric by the President? I hope that the voice of the President, that showed little inflection or enthusiasm during this speech, is indicative of a President who was bullied into the whole affair by his politically correct advisors, not a President who is evolving into a marshmellow at a time when even a stronger stance should be taken. Mr. President, you have just lost one supporter. My son, did not go to war to embrace the enemy. This is more than I can swallow of political correctness.

Let them fight their own fights, if they are so richly blessed in traditions why are we there? Why are their people here? They all need to go back where they came from and take that Koran and all the lawsuits it has caused our country, which are endorsed by the politically correct minded people back with them. I, for one, will not tolerate anyone who would like to shove our traditions and our beliefs away for these new comers, better called the turbans of whine. I will not tolerate those who would have our children taught the Koran in school, yet will not recognize our God and our Bible in a public school teaching environment. I will not tolerate their customs or their wardrobe, if it endangers me and my family. I will not tolerate it Mr. President. And I am not alone.

The biggest breech in political correctness was not done by your embracing the Muslims, Mr. President. It was by turning your back on our country and not inviting them to "embrace us" instead.

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