Monday, October 03, 2005

The Non-Opinionated Nominee

President Bush called her a "pit bull in size 6 shoes", but outside of a tenacity to accomplish work projects placed before her, Harriet Miers isn't a publicly opinionated person. Which for a Supreme Court nominee, whose job is based on opinions, leaves one to wonder how deep the waters run and which direction that undercurrent flows.

What is surprising is the quick support coming from Democrats (who don't know any more about Harriet Miers than anyone close to her does on her opinions on law and life in general). What is known is that she is deeply religious and regularly attends church. Also revealed is that Ms. Miers is a hard worker toiling at her job from dawn to dusk. That she has never married is a known fact. Ms. Miers is an attorney that has practiced privately and has served as counsel for the President through her job as chief of staff. Surprise supporters include,
Sen. Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat who has led the opposition to Bush's judicial nominees and had threatened to filibuster two women appellate court justice thought to be on Bush's short list, (who) said, "Hariett Miers clearly has the potential to be a consensus nominee."
Reid, the Nevada Democrat who voted against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts, (who) said that while he did not exactly recommend her for the job during earlier discussions with the president, he has seen her "broad outlines" and the "broad outlines look really good to me."

Those endorsements come as a huge surprise. How can such critical Senators endorse a candidate that they know absolutely nothing about? They are carte blanc supporting the right hand woman of the Bush administration, who has as much clout maneuvering from within the White House as Condi Rice does publicly to the world. Neither woman got where she is today by being overtly opinionated and exercising their right to freedom of speech or thought in any fashion critical to the President's views. One would surmise then, that they hold views directly in line with the President's or at the very least have views neutral to the President's which allows them to support him without hint of opposition. What are these Democrat Senators thinking?

... Is hell beginning to freeze over?

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