Friday, October 21, 2005

Meme Tag (Sigh)

TD over at The Right Track is sharing (man, thanks so much...) a meme with me. The purpose of this meme is a sign that you would like to see hung on ACLU headquarters. TD gave me the inspiration for this based on what he has displayed as his sign. I just took his thought a step further. Call it a before (his) and after (mine) shot.

Many thanks(?) to Cao at Cao's Blog for passing this on to TD. Now to find five more to inflict this on...

Inflicted already...
Third World County
Euphoric Reality
Cao’s Blog
The Right Track
Raven, Kim, and Heather at And Rightly So
Angry Republican Mom
ALa at Blonde Sagacity
Paladin at 21st Century Paladin
and me

I'm sorry, here goes...
Real Teen
Regular Ron Happy Birthday Ron!!
Zaphriel's Blog
Jo's Cafe

Just consider it a weekend project ya'll.

Linked at Stop the ACLU

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