Sunday, October 16, 2005

Frazier - The Golf Ball Obsessed Jack Russell

We have some property in the country that we are developing. It is a place to play for us (we have three golf greens and a beautiful tee off area that sits high on a hill looking down on the greens below). Eventually, on the 10 plus acres, we intend to build a house. The little guy pictured here has adopted us. He is a Jack Russell terrier and lives up to his doggie trademarks. At first when he came "to visit" he was a bit standoff-ish, but over the last year has come to greet us with the frenetic excitement that only a Jack Russell can claim. He's our neighbors dog and unless it is Sunday and they are cooking out, he's sure to come and visit.

Since we don't know his name we have come to call him "Frazier" after the obsessive/compulsive Frazier of television fame. Our Frazier's obsessive/compulsive trait is chasing golf balls. This picture shows him in "ready Frazier mode". Show him a golf ball, grab a club, and he is in instant retrieval stance. Once the ball is hit, he is off bounding after it. Because we have extreme rough (trees, undergrowth, rocks, and creeks) to knock balls about on, Frazier will sometimes disappear for extended periods of times hunting down his quarry. He has an amazing knack for finding the balls regardless of how difficult the terrain is in that the ball lands. One night we camped out and could hear Frazier circling the tent late into the night. We thought he was looking for us instead in the morning to our surprise we found the immediate area surrounding the tent was covered with the golf balls that he had fetched back while we slept!

This is the Frazier Stone, hereby dedicated to the dog with the undying passion for golf balls. It sits in his honor (and always will) to remind us that golfing is not a passion held only by humans. Frazier isn't impressed with this tribute to his retrieving prowess, but maybe he will be when I find the perfect rock "golf ball" to accompany it. (He does have other interests, cheese flavored crackers being one of his perks for his work. He is practicing nose launching and snapping them up in mid-air between hunting down golf balls these days).

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