Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita Now Category Five

Fox News is reporting that Rita has once more been upgraded. The path predicted where Rita will land is near the Galveston, TX area on early Saturday morning. Galveston is under evacuation with preparations underway to move people out of the area to prevent loss of life, as it is now expected Rita will remain a Category Five when she reaches landfall.

Having survived what now appears to be nothing more than a glancing blow by Rita, Florida is already in the cleanup stages and the mayor of Key West is predicting the city will be open for tourists as early as Friday.

New Orleans is under a mandatory evacuation now with speculation that although the eye of the storm will travel west and south on to Texas, the fringe edges of Rita could dump large amounts of rain on the city which could once more cause a breech in the levee systems there.

Texas braces for Rita and as the pressure raises in the storm system itself, the pressure on land increases in pace to prepare for a worst case scenerio.

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