Friday, September 16, 2005

Question For Liberals

Jay over at Stop the ACLU has asked a few very basic questions for Liberals to answer. I thought in reading their comments initially, I wasn't awake and headed back to the coffee pot. Twelve cups later, I still haven't got a clue as to what their answers really mean. When given the chance to independently answer questions it would appear that they are given to vague responses that do not address the initial questions. Collectively, they appear to be lost at sea... Jay asked that the conservative side wait to respond to their comments... We may be waiting a long time... See for yourself what I mean...

The Questions:

Do you want a society completely devoid of right and wrong, where all are free to do whatever they wish? Is this your definition of liberty? A society that does not punish people for their actions? A government that completely takes care of every need? A government of entitlement and dependency?

If you think my questions exaggerate your positions on society, please leave a short description of the utopia you wish America was. I don'’t even know how many liberals visit my site anymore, but conservatives don'’t answer for them. Allow them to answer before debating.

The Liberals Respond:

Steve J. Says: “Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.” -

**Now that really addresses the question... Anybody got a board stretcher for this guy?**

Cecilia Ready Says: But we do live in a society where people are not ounished for their actions. Look at Bush himself, his assiciates, who have not been ounished for all their lies and evil.

**Ranting the party line never addresses issues... at least Cecilia gave it her best shot and came the closest of anyone to actually commenting on the questions.**

The Other Sarah Says: Money is not the ultimate goal. Neither is walking on streets paved with gold.

Think again about the origins of conservative’ and the kinship between conservatie’ and ‘conservation’.

What passes for ‘conservatism in the US today is as far from the origins of conservatismm as it can be. Up is down, black is white, good is bad, rich is poor in today'’s inverted world; the people with the most power in this nation — Limbaugh, Rove, Rumsfeld, Robertson, DeLay see themselves as most victimized.

I believe that people can see for themselves, work for themselves, think for themselves and when they do they won'’t buy the tired lies of corporatism disguised anymore.

**Sorry, you lost me on that "up is down, black is white" thing. That was worth three cups of coffee alone...**

xxysyndrome Says: If you think my questions exaggerate your positions on society, please leave a short descripition of the utopia you wish America was.

I dunno - how about a country devoid of shrill, uninformed, divisive wanks like you? Funny website though - nice to see someone is leading the crusade against those dangerous, un-American civil liberties.

**"I dunno" - EXACTLY!!**

Jerkemiah Says: My liberal utopia: fewer straw men, more real men.

**The straw man wanted a brain, didn't he? But, at least he tried his very best to answer the question... Guess Jerk should hang out with "real men" who've got a clue.**

Kevin Says: Jay'’s snarky comment illustrates why this blog and his ideology is devoid of redeeming value.

Having already debunked Jay'’s lies about the ACLU hating Christians ( Note that nobody rebutted the post itself), now I see him offering up a caricature of a liberal. Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, who has even a passing grasp of American politics knows that former President Jimmy Carter is not only a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but he's also a devout Southern Baptist who has taught a regular Sunday School class for decades at his home church in Georgia, and he's also published a Christian book which is a collection of his favorite SS class outlines or lectures. I happen to own a copy of it.

Last but not least my newest bumper sticker: “Stop using my religion to sell your politics.

Think about it.

**Kevin's comment points back to a past post in which he and his liberally bent (and I do mean bent...) associates attempted to cut Jay to the quick. But, if you take the time to read the comments left regarding this post it quickly deteriorates to the point that Kevin's only comeback is to attack the ip addresses of those conservatives responding - insinuating that two of those responding were the same person. Kevin isn't any better at defending his own position then he is at deciphering ip addresses... And as to answering the questions Jay asked, Kevin obviously thinks by selling his religion out, he will be the better person for it. (Kevin, pick up that Bible and READ it this time instead of using it as a footrest).**

...Based on these answers it is no wonder that the liberals are their own worst enemies...

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