Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oklahoma Helps Katrina Victims

Here locally, the victims of Katrina are being helped by the generous hearts of Oklahoman's. The hospital system that I work for has already had over 20 staff members fly south to Baton Rouge, LA to help with hospital staff relief there. More will be deployed as the first are rotated back home. Those who are going will spend 10 days working 12 hour shifts before returning home. More staff will be rotated there in the upcoming weeks.

A local military base has taken in approximately 2000 Katrina victims and is anticipating another 3000 over the next couple of weeks. Due to the close proximity of this base to my own home and our own personal ties with the military, I am in the process of making the connections to serve there in whatever capacity that I am needed.

My son's battalion was activated for those available to serve (college students were allowed to continue on with their education at this time). Their deployment destination at this time has not been determined. My thoughts and prayers goes out to these servicemen who have just recently returned from a year long deployment to Iraq and now are stepping up to serve again. My son is not going with them as he is in the process himself of discharge paperwork. Of course in the military you know full well that until that discharge paper is in your hands, anything can happen. So personally, we are waiting for whatever comes...

Over $200,000 has been donated locally to organizations for the hurricane relief fund. Thanks to all those generous hearts here who are helping.

Work is picking up pace as our local hospitals fill... God bless us all.

UPDATE: It has been relayed through the Captain of my son's company that there is amongst the new people arriving at this military facility a brand new mother who delivered and has a new two day old baby in her arms. Please, please if you can help out the Red Cross with a donation DO IT TODAY. The need is there and there are so many to help.

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