Thursday, September 29, 2005

Accountability By All

In the latest ruling in favor of the release of 87 additional Abu Ghraib pictures District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein has invoked his power as a judge to further blacken the image of US government and US military all for the sake of the Freedom of Information Act. His accountability to our servicemen and women is questionable by doing so. For in the release of these pictures, that were taken during the same time frame as those previously released and from which the bad apple service personnel that were involved have since then been tried by law and punished, he is doing nothing to help our soldiers presently in Afghanistan and in Iraq. For that matter, he is doing nothing to help any of us here to prevent further terrorist attacks which will be done to us and then gloated about on terrorist websites as the reason for their renewed slaughter of those who are deemed to be infidels.

Hellerstein has chosen to put interpretation of the law above the best interests of the people of this nation. That the ACLU would continue to harass the US military and our government to beat their civil liberties drum to death to prove the point that they can sue and will (just because they can), regardless of whether the outcome will incur a greater cost of their fellow countrymen's life, is bordering on treason.

When those pictures are released, if they do not bring with them new faces to be tried, but are merely regurgitating those same fools who caused this mess in the first place in different poses, nothing will gained. Hellerstein has given us all hell to pay for his actions. In a time of war, especially the type of war in which we are fighting, we all are accountable to each other to preserve the lives of our fellow "infidels". By whatever means it takes. Anything less than that is an act of treason. I say Hellerstein and the ACLU are not above the law themselves. Any future deaths of US citizens and servicemen caused by the terrorists and that the terrorists deem are in direct retaliation for these new pictures, will be the result of the ACLU and Hellerstein of inciting violence. And for this they all should be held accountable.

Lynndie England, who was sentenced for her stupidity at Abu Ghraib, said to her jury,
"I've heard that attacks were made on US forces,” and apologised to “detainees, the families, America and all the soldiers”.
That was how this clueless twit apologized. It will be interesting to see how eloquent an apology will be heard from the esteemed Judge and the ACLU attorneys for their contribution in continuing these attacks, which Lynndie recognized were the result of her actions. I imagine their apology, if one would ever be received, would be just as hollow as hers.

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