Saturday, August 20, 2005

Stop the ACLU Ad Campaign

The Stop the ACLU organization is endeavoring to place an ad in the Washington Times to reach it's wide readership base. The purpose of the ad will be to inform the public of the work of the Stop the ACLU organization. This request for help was received from Nedd the founder of Stop the ACLU and has been distributed by Jay of Stop the

Recently our parent site was mentioned on World Net Daily. This lead to a solicitation from the Washington Times to buy an ad in thier newspaper to the tune of around $2500.00 for one full page ad. That is a one time deal, it would be much more to run it on a regular basis. I rarely ask for money folks, but we want to take them up on the offer.

Please donate $5 or however much you can afford and help us reach the goal. I will bump this post to the top frequently, and keep you updated on the status. We also desperately need space in the Chicago area to get this operation fully rolling.

We need volunteers and eventually paid clerks to help kick the Stop the ACLU Coalition in high gear. We have no choice now. We must fully fund this operation if we are to have success in thwarting the ACLU. If you can help in any way or know someone who will, please let me know today. Thank you and God Bless America!

Real Teen has petition drive links on his site at his post Call to Action - ACLU Propoganda which goes into detail about the TV campaign that the ACLU is launching via satellite networks that will reach approximately 35 million people with it's slanted rhetoric on how it is defending American civil liberties.

The ad in the Washington Times is a small start to fighting the ACLU's propoganda. Your contribution is needed. Whatever you can afford to give, please do so for this worthy cause. Please take the time to sign the petitions, if you can't afford to give. Do whatever you can to help today.

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