Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sheehan Is Destroying Her Life

What is it that is motivating Cindy Sheehan that has driven her husband off and whose public statement regarding her going home to see about her ailing mother is - she is going "to access the situation"?

Seems pretty callous to me. Has being in the public eye jaded a grieving mother so much that she doesn't have a clue her private life is more precious than notoriety? I have no doubt that some day after her Code Pink associates and those of Move MOVE ON WITHOUT HER she will be left an embittered creature regretting for the rest of her days having put her anger in the forefront of her family and the cost she paid for it.

It is a circus in Texas and it is Sheehan's creation. She claims she is angry with Bush for continuing the war. Like the President can just turn off terrorism. She is dishonoring the memory of her son, who obviously did not share her opinion of the threat of terrorism when he volunteered to serve his country and volunteered for the mission on the day he was killed. She is dishonoring all of those who served with him and their families who do not share her fractured beliefs.

"Assessing her mother's situation". Doesn't sound like she has any true emotion left. Her husband has left and filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences". No small wonder there that he has left her to her embittered battle against reality. Because that is what she and all of her companions in demonstration are. Embittered. They lost the election and all are blaming one person for everything. Would the victims of 911 and their families side with people who would rather tear a country apart over political fighting or would they side with the people who care enough to fight against those that destroyed their lives? It seems to me that Cindy Sheehan will not only come out of this responsible for the destruction of her personal life, she will also be responsible for dishonoring millions of people who are supporting the war on terrorism by placing her faith in a group of people who are politically motivated to use her son's death to avenge their 2004 loss.

There is a new Hanoi Jane and her name is Cindy.

Forget spitting on this new celebrity like the Viet Nam vet did to Jane. Personally, if given the chance, I would knock her on her lily white butt just for the dishonor she is showing to my son and his battalion who was in Iraq at the same time her son was. I'd like her to know how angry I AM.

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