Thursday, August 11, 2005

Protesting Mom Is Blinded By Grief

Who hasn't heard of the poor grieving mother Cindy Sheehan camped out on the side of a country road trying to get President Bush to talk to her about stopping the war in Iraq? It's pitiful to see her pain.

What isn't so pitiful is her displaced anger. Anger is a stage of grief. This poor mother hasn't worked through it yet. She's angry her son died in combat. Angry at his loss. Angry at the circumstances. Angry she couldn't protect him and prevent this from happening. Angry she couldn't keep him from becoming a soldier and from volunteering for the mission that day in which he was killed.

That anger is blinding her. She is on a self-proclaimed mission to confront the President and demand changes from him that he can't give because it truly is beyond his control. She can't see through that haze of grief that the world is at war, not our President. He may be the head of our government, but he didn't start the war with terrorists. They started it years ago and aren't about to let up. They attacked us. Would she be any less angry, if it had been her son who was one of those that died needlessly in the World Trade Center? I doubt it sincerely. Hundreds of young men her sons age died that day. Hundreds of mothers grieved and were angry. But they were able to accept their sons were victims, this mother can not accept the fact her son CHOSE to fight to right the wrong done to those victims and lost his life doing so.

Her anger is allowing her to remain blind to the fact that she is being used. She is the media honey these days. The media are capitalizing on this woman's grief and are raking in ratings pitching her pitiful story. Should the President talk to her? Probably, but neither would come away from the meeting satisfied. She isn't going to create world peace by meeting with him, and he isn't going to stop the media trashing that will occur afterwards, regardless of her satisfaction level. It is a no-win situation, based on loss and all parties involved will loose even more in the end.

She has made friends with people in low places. The FBI are investigating her perching buddies the Code Pink women's anti-war organization, who are also capitalizing on her 15 minutes of infamy by being by her side and letting everybody know they are there to support her in her efforts to stop the war. Evidently, she hasn't investigated this organization very well as they have met with resistance groups in Iraq and are actively donating money to efforts there to stop the war.

Another activist organization that has capitalized on her media blitz is the "Peace House" of Crawford, TX an activist house established to house protestors of President Bush whenever he is home. They have been in nearly every news piece done on this disillusioned mom for supporting her supporters by giving them a place to crash and meals. They claim business is booming for them - they got their phone turned back on this week, are getting 30 hammocks for people to sleep in, and are getting food and drink pledges from all over the country.

I wonder what this mom will feel like 6 months from now when these same supporters have moved on to new media blitzes and are no longer there for her emotional support? Code Pink is being represented by the ACLU along with other anti-war organizations in their demand of release of FBI files on anti-terrorism investigations that the FBI has looked into their activities on. They have meetings in Iraq with anti-American groups from all over the world. They are working on an international basis. This mom is peanuts to them. It's not about her son getting killed, it's about fighting a war against our government. She is being used only for free press coverage and when the cameras are gone, so will they be. As far as the "Peace House" is concerned they will support anybody for any reason as long as they are protesting the President. There may be a day this misguided mom will regret sincerely having had anything to do with raising money for a place that is safe haven for people who very well may have political leanings and moral beliefs far from her own. Obviously, her son did not share her beliefs as she believes them to be today or he wouldn't have volunteered for service in the first place, nor would he have volunteered for that mission on that fateful day.

But I doubt that anyone is telling her that her days are numbered with her new found friends. Wouldn't want to run off the cash cow now, would we?

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