Friday, August 05, 2005

I REALLY Hate Seeing My Tax Dollars Wasted

This is a running commentary with a troll that has run my patience into the ground over the last two days. Let this be a warning to all trolls who visit this site - come and comment on your own time and don't try to hide. You might find yourself out of a job by doing so.

Peanut - hammer away (but start first by uncloaking yourself - or haven't you seen my disclaimer about anonymous comments?)Kathy Email Homepage 08.04.05 - 6:02 pm #

I'm not sure what you mean about anonymous. Did you want me to use my real name? I don't want to put my email out here out of fear of the spambots.Peanut Email Homepage 08.05.05 - 9:28 am #

Peanut - you know that really is a lame excuse - oh, you aren't the only one using it, it would appear that a lot of the those who have similar political leanings are wearing that excuse out. My email is on this site and every other site I write for. I do not get enough spam to worry about it. If I get spam, I report it. I use an email account separate from my personal use for blogging.I bet you are doing this at work, without your bosses blessings. Did you know I can see your ip address when you comment? Easy enough to track it home. You should be more worried about that, then spam.Kathy Email Homepage 08.05.05 - 11:32 am #

I am aware that you can see my IP address and I don't care. Why would I worry about that? don't seem threatening. I'm not worried about you sending me anything. So if I get some garbage dump email address like you have done, that makes me less anonymous to you? That's just silly. don't know my political leanings other than 1)I think that for the most part, the "stop the ACLU" crowd is uninformed and slightly paranoid...and 2)your posts on the Supreme Court are mostly wrong and contrary to the US Constitution.Peanut Email Homepage 08.05.05 - 1:12 pm #

OK = PEANUT NO MORE - Does the FAA mean anything to you? How about ip address which is registered to the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma?Go somewhere else to play or I will report your spam.Kathy Email Homepage 08.05.05 - 1:22 pm #

Didn't mean to offend you...just answering your post and participating in debate as it seemed like you encouraged that. I won't visit any more.Peanut Email Homepage 08.05.05 - 1:30 pm #

Great - Because I do this on my own time which is precious to me - unlike you who are wasting my tax dollars. I am beginning to realize based on monitoring the trolls that visit my site MOST are doing it on company time. What really irks me is the ones that come from government based organizations. It really pisses me off that I am paying you and your lazy ass friends to insult me.Not so funny anymore, is it?Kathy Email Homepage 08.05.05 - 1:35 pm #

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