Friday, August 12, 2005

How You Can Help Put The Fear Of God In The ACLU

The man behind an online effort to rein in the American Civil Liberties Union is taking his campaign to America's churches, hoping to mobilize millions of believers into taking a stand against the legal organization.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Nedd Kareiva's StopThe is dedicating to ending the legal victories of the ACLU - from limiting the activities of the Boy Scouts to promoting same-sex marriage.

Yes folks, that is our very own Nedd Kareiva! The founder of our parent organization that The Stop The ACLU Blog is the official blog for.

The website exists for one purpose, Kareiva says, "to mobilize millions of God-fearing, patriotic Americans to stand up to the ACLU agenda and consigning it to the ash heap of history (or export it to Communist regions)."

Now, the activist has begun a mailing campaign "to recruit pastors, church leaders and congregations to expose them to the ACLU's agenda. Just as the ACLU has 400,000 members, according to a recent article in the National Journal and another in the Washington Times, we are shooting for 1 million Stop the ACLU members."

On the website, Kareiva is asking for supporters to help him mail letters to churches across the nation. The form letter asks leaders and members "to visit the website and catch a vision of what we are doing."

Kareiva tells WND that since the ACLU visits college campuses to recruit followers, "we are countering them by going to our churches."
Said Kareiva: "Churches are at risk of the ACLU's agenda, particularly in efforts to force them to hire and prevent them from firing homosexuals and transsexuals."

"We want to build a huge public awareness campaign against the ACLU and hopefully getting churches on board will help facilitate it," the activist told WND. "Many are silent but when they see what we're doing, we think they'll mobilize... We already have a few pastors from various denominations across America. We need thousands more."

Kareiva ends his online pitch with a reference to the Almighty: "With your help, we can build massive public awareness of the ACLU's agenda and put the fear of God in them. Let's do it today!"

So now, how do we get involved right? Well that is what I am here to tell you. It is pretty simple.

Nedd has put together a form letter and is looking for volunteers to mail them across the nation. The letter simply asks them to visit Stop The ACLU.Org and and educate themselves about the ACLU. They don't ask for money, or anything like that.

We already have approximately 25 people thus far who have committed to send 20-50 letters a month, including your truly! We are hoping to reach at least 100 by September.

So how do you get involved? Simple enough...just EMAIL NEDD at and say you wanna devote a little time for this good cause. He'll send you the resources. Couldn't be more simple. So what are you waiting for?

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