Saturday, August 06, 2005

Corrupting Kids The ACLU Way

The ACLU is always looking for new targets members. With the reversal of support from the media (who aren't writing such nice stories about them anymore), the retaliatory measures the Congress is contemplating (pulling the plug on the money machine), and a number of center leaning liberals who are beginning to come out against them - the ACLU target pool membership pool is getting harder to fill. At least by those adults who are beginning to figure out that when the FBI comes knocking on your door it isn't a social visit. Heck, even the ACLU members (big ones, as in MO) are jumping boat. So that takes us back to the dilemma the ACLU has - how to get new fools members to sign up. Even the Muslims aren't endorsing the efforts of the ACLU to help them get a Koran into the courtroom. What to do? What to do?

New targets members don't have to be adults - heck no. Why not get the kids on board? They are already giving away scholarships to good little future targets ACLU'ers, why not get a flurry of kid size litigation going and really impress the impressionable youth with how their future civil rights are assured with the ACLU as their big buddy in the world? How best to handle this?

Target Member Case Number 1:

Show the kids that laws and authority are not to be respected. In Thomas Township, Michigan four teens were subjected to a Breathalyzer test by law enforcement while at a party last year. The ACLU has filed on behalf of the four in Federal Court citing that that their rights have been violated. The particular law in this state is that minors can be subjected to the test if it is suspected that they are drinking. They have the right to refuse or pay a $100 fine. Katie Platte was 19 last year when she and her friends were faced with the test. Katie said, ""I don't think it's fair for young people to have to choose between a $100 fine and an invasion of privacy," said Platte, who said she was not drinking at the time. "With this, you're guilty until proven innocent."

If she wasn't drunk, she had nothing to worry about. There was no cause for her to sue, except she doesn't like authority and laws that interfere with her party time. But her new best friends, the ACLU are there to show her exactly how to show the law and her state, who really is boss. Katie isn't aware that the old fogies making the laws have her best interests at heart - that they want the kids in their state safe. Katie is a typical self-centered young girl of the "give me", "give me" generation. When you don't get your way, you pout, throw a temper tantrum, and if you do it well enough - you usually get your way. Katie and crew are easy marks membership material for the ACLU.

Target Member Case Number 2

Teach kids that terrorist threats are appropriate in the right setting. When you tell somebody you are going to hurt them and hurt them bad to rap music, it is freedom of speech says the ACLU in their lawsuit against Riverside Beaver County School District in Pennsylvania. The ACLU's new target candidate for membership is a fourteen year old named Anthony Latour. Latour was removed from class by local authorities and charged with making terroristic threats and harassment because he named another student in a rap called "Massacre." The young rap fan was expelled from school after posting lyrics on the Internet. The ACLU is suing to have Latour reinstated by the beginning of the fall session.

The ACLU loves musically challenged talented kids. Especially, when it can make them some money. Make a threat - on a bet. Get a charge - ain't it large? The ACLU will save the day - pave the way. Can you hear it - oh yeah...

Target Member Case Number 3

If they won't enlist your help - help the ones that hurt them. Instead of going after the kids directly, punish them for not being card carrying Jr. members by assisting the ones that scare and will hurt them the most. The pedophiles. Flagler Beach Commissioner Ron Vath says, ""People are afraid. They are just afraid, and a lot of people with young children have come up to me." Why? Because in this small beach front community there are 70 registered sex offenders. The children can't go out to play in the parks because they are afraid. And the ACLU is there to continue their terror. Presently considering litigation against the community, the ACLU is citing the excess in area that the community is pushing the state sex offender and predator law to by placing their city limits at 2500 feet, rather than the 1,000 feet limit that the pedophiles have to refrain from where children gather, such as schools and playgrounds by state standards. City Attorney Charles Cino said, "It's a small city with parks on the north end and the south end, so it would be hard for (a sex offender) to find anywhere to live. It's one of those things the commission is going to have to look at."

Yes, that's right this isn't a law that has gone into effect - it is a PROPOSED ban. Just the same, the ACLU is all over it. And why not? A card carrying pedophile can be worth his weight in gold. So for now, forget the kiddies that are too young - they'll get over being scared when they get a few years older and the ACLU will be waiting to reel them in then.

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