Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Backlash Has Begun To Stop ACLU(sers)

Click here to see this video. Something is happening in America. A backlash has begun that is bringing individuals, communities, churches, grassroots organizations, and even the US Congress together. The backlash is aimed at the ACLU - that's right the American Civil Liberties Union - those "champions of civil liberties" (so they say).

Why? Because they are messing with rights, when the majority of the people don't want them messed with. Why should a cross come down, because one atheist doesn't like it? Why should a witch representing a small band of followers be allowed to say an incantation at a city meeting, instead of the meeting opening in a Christian prayer, as it has since the inception of the city? Why is it that an un-named atheist can sue a county and have the 10 Commandments brought down? Why is it communities can't protect themselves from pedophiles living close to their children? Why is it that terrorists and illegal aliens are given more rights than the people they are plotting to attack and kill, or the communities that they are over-running and bleeding resources from through assisted living benefits?

Because of the ACLU, who will file a lawsuit in a heartbeat to represent the scum of the earth, without any reservation as to the morality or impact it will have on the communities that they are suing, has chosen to enrich it's pockets by making a business out of suing. They are so brazen with it, that they are suing now without even representing anyone in particular - they will designate a group or groups of people and sue on their behalf without those peoples consent or endorsement (such as getting the Korans into the courtroom).

The majority of the people in America are tired of being pushed around and having their lives turned upside down by the minority. The ACLU will now find out what it means to "reap what you have sown".

Read more how the Stop the ACLU organization and the Allied Defense Fund are just two groups that are combining their numbers of supporters to stand up to the ACLU.

The backlash has begun.

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