Thursday, July 28, 2005

Take The Test - If You Dare

I was visiting Gun-toting Liberal - who picked this up from Zaphriel's blog (sorry man, I must have missed it) and was encouraging everyone to take the test. Well, not to out done by my favorite armed liberal, I did. And I encourage you all to take it too. It takes about a minute to complete, so it is quick and pain free (unless you don't agree with the results, that is).


The political description that fits you best is...


tend to favor economic freedom,
but frequently support laws to restrict personal behavior that violates "traditional values." They oppose excessive government control of business, while endorsing government action to defend morality and the traditional family structure. Conservatives usually support a strong military, oppose bureaucracy and high taxes, favor a free-market economy, and endorse strong law enforcement.

The RED DOT on the Chart shows where you fit on the political map.

Well, that's me all right. Not, that I had any doubt about it at all.

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