Friday, July 29, 2005

Strangling Terrorism

Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has announced that his country is cracking down on the estimated 1,400 foreign students attending Islamic religious colleges in his country and they will be forced to leave under accordance of a new law that is going into effect within the next few days. This law will affect all students attending the religious colleges of Islam who are foreigners or hold duel citizenship. Since July 15th, nearly 600 arrests of suspected militants and Islamic clerics have been made there following the bombings in London. President Musharraf has also announced that any schools of religion that have not registered yet will be forced to by December under the new laws. The country presently has more than 10,000 religious schools. One of these was attended by a suspected London bomber.

Thank you Pakistan.

In Italy today, the last of the botched bombers, Osman Hussain, from the second bombing of London was captured at a relatives appartment. He was a Somalian, who had become a British citizen. He is currently awaiting extradition to England.

Thank you Italy.

In London efforts continue to follow up on leads generated from the arrest of a suspected attacker in the city of Birmingham on Wednesday and another two who were detained in London on Friday.

Congratulations on your success in bringing down these killers.

And here in the US the Islamic community has issued a fatwah to all Muslims calling for an end to violence and to show no support or tolerance for terrorists or terroristic activity.

911 happened in 2001 - What took you so long? Could it be that you are afraid your visa's and duel citizenship papers could be revoked here also? Should we say thank you for something that has taken 4 years and untold lives to accomplish? I'm sorry, but I can't - the best I can do is - IT IS ABOUT TIME.

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