Tuesday, July 26, 2005

DNC Hillary Is Not Left Enough

So says Daily Kos and the left of the Democratic party. Evidently, Ms. Clinton was having a really bad hair day to draw the wrath of the lefties (whose hair was literally standing on end) when Hillary called for unity within the party. Gee, so much for peace loving liberals... Kos wrote on his blog,
"If she wanted to give a speech to a centrist organization truly interested in bringing the various factions of the party together, she could've worked with NDN," the blog said in a reference to the New Democrat Network, with which Daily Kos's Markos Moulitsas is associated. "Instead, she plans on working with the DLC to come up with some common party message yadda yadda yadda. Well, that effort is dead on arrival. The DLC is not a credible vehicle for such an effort. Period."

I guess that the DNC is not New Age enough for some of the left-sided party dwellers, who evidently have decided to camp out in a completely different hemisphere than the party that gave birth to them. But those leftie bloggers don't all agree with the Kos...
Marshall Wittman wrote from the DLC meeting in Columbus, "While someone from the daily kosy (misspelling intended) confines of Beserkely might utter ominous McCarthyite warnings about the 'enemy within,' here in Columbus constructive committed crusaders for progressivism are discussing ways to win back the hearts of the heartland."

LOL, good one Centrist Wittman. You almost sound Red there.

Back to left court...Roger Hickey, co-director of the liberal Campaign for America's Future, said
Clinton had badly miscalculated the current politics inside the Democratic Party and argued that she could pay a price for her DLC association if she runs for president in 2008.

How horrible... NO Clinton for President. Just because she isn't left enough.

Not to be left out of the center/left debate good ole Jesse Jackson had to throw in his two cents worth by reopening

his decades-old battle with the DLC by accusing the group of fronting for corporate interests while ignoring labor and civil rights leaders. "The DLC embraces CAFTA and sells admission to its conference to corporate lobbyists," he said in a speech to the AFL-CIO convention in Chicago.

IS THIS TOO FUNNY OR WHAT? You tell them Jesse, you are already playing to a house torn asunder at the AFL-CIO convention, why not go directly to the DLC and pray them back together too.

Can you all FEEL IT - then let's all HEAR IT. Let's have a big Amen brother Jesse. And a hallelujah for us reds on the right.

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