Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blogger Is Fatwah Recipient

The AnarchAngel is loaded for bear these days. No not bear, pigs disguised as Islamist extremists. The same pigs have declared a fat wah on him (not a skinny boo hoo), but a real fat waaaahhh. Because old AA took out a koran (as in terminated it) and they took offense. They are going to kill him and everyone he cares about because of a book (so says the FBI). What was AA thinking? Take out a book? Oh my Allah, that is sure to tick off the cloven footed followers of virgin thought. (Virgin thought - as in being single minded, i.e. simpletons).

Now, if AA had lobbed a mortar into a bookstore that creates extremists, who - through literature and video - exercise their freedom of speech to incite more extremists to blow up their enemies, nothing would have happened at all (to him). Well, at least not by their extremist buddies. After all, they take out their own to make a point. AA, who is fed up with everything that has to do with the war on terror (including those who started it) had the good sense to know that if he did do something like that he would have to answer to the government. So to vent a little, he exercised his First Amendment rights and well, you get the picture...

So, fat wah is declared on one side of the planet and is zipping around via the internet to good old Arizona where AA is entertaining the FBI and greasing his bullets with pork fat these days. He also has described in vivid detail what he would do with the rest of the pork he has invested in, should he be given the opportunity. He probably is on to something there with the pork stuffing he is planning for his guests. They won't eat pork for a reason. They won't feed on themselves.

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