Monday, July 04, 2005

ACLU Attempt To Hide Atheist's Identity Fails

The Omaha World-Herald revealed (in the Sunday July 3rd, 2005 edition) the identity of an atheist who sought to maintain his "John Doe" status as filed in his lawsuit against the city of Plattsmouth, NE over a Decalogue monument that is located in the city park. The 2001 lawsuit became "ACLU Nebraska and John Doe v. the City of Plattsmouth".

The Ten Commandments monument was erected in 1965 in a corner of Memorial Park and had been donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. In July of 2000, the atheist (a.k.a. John Doe) did not put in a personal appearance, but through the assistance of the local ACLU informed the city of Plattsmouth in a town council meeting that he would sue if the monument was not brought down. The city refused and the atheist and the ACLU filed suit in May of 2001.

At the time of the filing of the lawsuit the atheist and the ACLU attempted to block his identity, but this was later denied by a federal judge which allowed the Omaha World-Herald to identify "John Doe". The Omaha World-Herald did a thorough job in investigating the initiator of this lawsuit - not only showing a picture of him, but also revealing the make of his car and showing a picture of his vanity license plate (ATHEOS) in their article. Atheos is Greek meaning "godless".

It is now up to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis to decide the fate of the monument.

As to the fate of the atheist, who had complained that he was threatened because of the lawsuit, his fate is sealed. John Doe, he is no more. The court has decided that in such a controversial lawsuit, he can not hide behind any wall of his and the ACLU's making.

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