Tuesday, June 14, 2005

World Trade Center Victims NOT Honored By International Freedom Center

I just listened to the Laura Ingram Show and they had some disturbing news to share about the WTC. The new memorial will (if it goes through as planned) contain NOT a memorial to the victims and the heros of that day, but rather a humanities museum dedicated to world wide atrocities (such as the Holocaust, the Russian gulags, the Native Indian genicide, etc., etc). There is a drive started by the sister of one of the pilots killed that day that is hoping to accomplish a stop to this museum of the world and rather put the focus back on the 911 tragedy itself.

Go to the Take Back The Memorial website to find out how you can help stop this madness. REMEMBER this - nearly $300 million federal tax dollars will build this museum to point out world atrocities - not pay tribute to those who died there on 911.

posted by Is It Just Me? at 2:47 PM