Thursday, June 02, 2005

Stop the ACLU Blogburst - Why I Despise the ACLU

Jay, with Stop the ACLU , asked us this week for our blogburst to write about why we despise the ACLU. His reasons are linked directly through my title for this post. My reasons are discussed in length throughout my blog. If you feel inclined to take the time, check out the facts behind my "despise".

1. ACLU support of Muslim's, terrorists, and illegal aliens.

2. ACLU support of criminals of violent crimes and child molesters.

3. ACLU support of a pro-choice, pro-death activists.

4. ACLU support of anti-sovereignty for state government.

5. ACLU support of legalization of immoral activity such as prostitution and child pornography.

6. ACLU support of European standards, not American values.

I'm sure there is more, but I've worked all night and I am a bit sleepy. Besides, if I keep on going, I'll get upset and never get to sleep.

Support the ACLU and YOU as a taxpayer are a chump. Their primary targets are government based entities whose tax-dollars are spent fighting the frivolous suits the ACLU hits them with. They do not sue against those that transgress against us. They sue us, for those who have transgressed upon us. Liberty and rights do not mean right (as in not wrong) to the ACLU. They wrong all law-abiding Americans everytime they come to the aid of a terrorist, an illegal alien, a convicted criminal, a prostitute, etc., etc. Stand up and do something about it. Let your Congressmen know how you feel. Go to Stop the ACLU and join our group today. Let your voice be heard and YOUR rights mean something.

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