Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Razzing Europe

Pope Benedict XVI (a.k.a. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) wrote in his book, "The Europe of Benedict: In the crisis of cultures":

"Europe has developed a culture which, in a way never before known to humanity, excludes God from public conscience, either by being denied or by judging his existence to be uncertain and thus belonging to subjective choices, something irrelevant for public life," Benedict writes.

You tell them, Your Grace. To his detractors, he adds:

He dismisses arguments that inclusion of the reference would have offended Jews and Muslims, saying they are more offended by Europe's attempt to deny a historic fact.

"It's not the mention of God that offends the followers of other religious, but precisely the attempt to build a human community absolutely without God," he writes.

It's not a matter of religious preference - it's a matter of believing and acknowledging publicly God's influence on our world both historically and in the future. Which makes this a relevant subject in today's irreverent world.

"A human community without God" may be coming to a community near you soon, if the ACLU has it's way. Find out what you can do to help put God back into the public conscience by visiting Stop the ACLU and Crosses aCross America and join the fight to stop the ACLU's attempts to erase God from our history and our future today.

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